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Why Do Cats Like Us So Much? You May Be Surprised to Know…

Have you ever wonder why our feline friends treat us like our friends, to surprise you enough – cats see us as other funny cats.

That is why they cuddle us like we are their native animals.

Cats shake hands with us around 9500 years ago, since the day the first-time cat has been seen on earth. These silly kittens evolved 30 million years ago, and they are still unaware of their cuteness.

Cates still think they are wearing their age-old Lion costume, but they make an adorable version of little lion.

Since 8000 BC when domestic cats make its debut, humans cannot resist their presence in their surroundings, we still do not, we have tonnes of pictures of kittens and puppies to make sure our love cannot fall off for them.

Soon humans adopted cats as their own babies and groom them like their own kids while some keep a picture of a cat in their mobile screens to make sure they have a contact with them. That is why they are crowned for being the best and most harmless pets.

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We still believe, cats do not know why we go gaga over their cuteness and we cannot resist their presence even if it is their wallpaper and cute cat HD images.

There are millions of adorable and cools cats roam in our homes, but we still buy, browse and download cat images, pictures of kitties, cute cat art and cat woman images.

We human trust them and love them even more than dogs and sometimes our own babies. Many of us feel energised to see pictures of cute kitty cats or world’s cutest cat and enjoy watching top funny cat videos.

We even love sharing surprised cat memes with our friends or colleagues to make their day and sometimes we just aside and watch weird cat pictures and videos of funny cats for hours and we never get tired, why we do this cats!

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Plenty of women out there adore the beauty of Nyan cat images and most of them carry tonnes of pictures of cats and kittens in their mobiles to make sure they at least see them.

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“Cats are cute and irresistible not just because of their colour, but their adorable actions.”