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Dwayne The Rock is a famous WWE wrestler became the sexiest man alive on earth by People’s magazine. The day this news is announced people rushed to the internet and search for Dwayne’s WWE wallpapers. Yes, the famous THE Rock with the most popular Slogan “if you smell what the Rock is cooking”, is now the sexiest man Alive in 2016.

What is WWE?

Do we really need to explain what exactly is WWE, the world’s largest sport and now have connections with the most powerful person in the world, the president of America, “Donald Trump”?

The WWE Wrestling is a worldwide sport that becomes a hot trend this week, Thanks to People’s magazine and the hotness of Dwayne the Rock’s handsome looks. People are raving after WWE wallpapers of john Cena, Dwayne, J Cutler, Paige and many others wallpapers and HD images.

There are many people who have a crush over Paige and they try to find latest WWE Paige wallpapers, at pixcorners.com we have entitled all her latest posts, HD images and animated wallpapers too.

WWE is a very popular sport all over that world and has millions of followers not only in the USA but around the world.

At pixcorners.com we are not only providing top WWE wallpapers 2015 but for 2016 as well because WWE is popular than Adele’s hello and the day Trump become America’s president people could not resist finding his pictures from WWE.

WWE has launched by Vince McMahon and now is managed by his wife Linda McMahon and his son Shane McMahon. It is one the biggest and long running business organisations in the world.

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“You will rest in peace.” Undertaker